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NEW: RawReform Book Packages

The first RawReform e-book was published back in Autumn 2005. 'How to go Raw for Weight Loss' has since gone on to help thousands of people change their lives. To celebrate, we are now offering two special bundles of the RawReform Books.

Choose either all three original RawReform e-books for just $33 instead of the usual price of $37.50.

Or receive both 'How to go Raw for Weight Loss' and 'Revealing the Physical Changes' as printed booklets for just $28, rather than the standard $32 (incl postage and packing) - an ideal gift for a loved one. Read more and place your order HERE

NEW: FREE Juice Feasters' Google Group - get connected...
Google Groups Beta
Juice Feasters
Visit this group

I have now created a FREE Google Group called ?Juice Feasters? for connecting. I am really excited about this ? I have been looking for a user-friendly way to help people connect around Juice Feasting for the last couple of months and this seems like a great solution to me.

You can see the group and join up here:

Register yourself and start connecting in today with others on this path?HURRAY :)


NEW: A Juice Feaster's Handbook 

My latest E-Book - A Juice Feaster's Handbook - is NOW AVAILABLE :)


This indispensible guide answers ALL those questions you may be pondering about Juice Feasting - click HERE to buy your copy now for just $15.


On Feb 20th, 2007, I broke my extraordinary 92-Day Juice's been an amazing 3 months - if you haven't been following the journey, you can read all about it on my blog, here:

Here is a Google Video you can watch of me discussing this experience, just before I break the Feast:


UPDATE: FEB 24th - I'm really happy to say that this video is also now up on the Current TV site, here:

If you go there and hit 'greenlight this video', it will help to get this vid entered onto TV and spread the raw message even further ;)

Over the last three months I have lived and juiced through the ups and downs of green juice rejection, pancreas issues, sugar withdrawals, massive mucus expulsion, intrepid hiking trips, housing upheavals and more? You could probably fill a swimming pool with the amount of juice I've consumed?and going by the theory that we 'go back in time 120 days for each day of juice feasting', I have gone back in time over 30 years now?which means?I am pre-birth again I guess? ;) well, that's nice?time to rise like a phoenix again then? and so I emerge now on the other side of three months on just liquids feeling clearer, happier, more balanced, calmer, 18lbs lighter and extremely thankful for having chosen this experience?So, what's next...? Well, I'll definitely continue to blog my unfoldings as I work my way back into the world of solids, so stay tuned for all my latest news and updates at

UPDATE: FEB 28th - a wonderfully written article about my Juice Feast can now be seen on the GLIVING site. Click on the picture of me on their front page for more info, or follow this link:


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