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RAWREFORM BOOKS arrow How to go Raw for Weight Loss - E-book

How to go Raw for Weight Loss - E-book

Price: $12.50

Combining practical tips on going raw with proven self-help techniques, 'RawReform: How to go Raw for Weight Loss' is packed with concise and easy to follow guidance, including: what to eat, how much and when, how to handle binges and cravings, motivating tasks to help you get started and more. If you are overweight or obese and looking for a natural way to lose weight and regain your health, this e-book will show you how to begin on the healthiest and quickest path available: a raw food lifestyle.


 Do you want to:

    ?  lose weight

?  have more energy and vibrancy

?  stop overeating

?  detox your body

?  feel great ?

Then buy this popular e-book today for the special price of just $12.50US (approx. ?6.25) and gain access to all the essential information you need. Learn how I lost over 150lbs (11stone/70kg) with a raw lifestyle and how by following the unparalled guidance in this e-book, you can do the same.


Consider the following questions:

Do you:
    Eat when you are not hungry?

                   Go on eating binges for no apparent reason?

                   Continue eating long past the point when you feel full?

                   Eat when you are stressed, bored, or for comfort?

                   Lie about what you eat, hide wrappers or steal food?

                   Have feelings of guilt and remorse after overeating?

                   Eat when you are offered something, even if you are not hungry?

                   Feel a compulsion to finish all food available so that nothing is 'wasted'?

                   Feel you give too much time and thought to food?

                   Look forward to times when you can eat alone?

                   Hide food from others?

                   Eat 'sensibly' with others and binge in secret?

                   Reward yourself with food?

                   Worry that you can't control how much you eat?

                   Feel that your weight negatively affects the way you live?

                   Find that dieting does not bring you sustained weight loss?

                   Resent people telling you to 'use some willpower' to stop overeating?

                   Eat to escape from worries or trouble?

                   Feel unhappy about your relationship with food?

If you answer yes to three or more of these questions, it is probable that you have or are well on your way to having an overeating condition. You must decide for yourself whether you are an overeater or not, but if you identify with these patterns, are unhappy about your current weight and would like to find a natural solution, then purchase this essential e-book today to learn HOW to go raw for fast, holistic, sustainable recovery.


What people are saying about this booklet:

" I love your book - it really is the only one that bridges the gap between going raw and dealing with your emotions and overeating issues. GREAT WORK."
CJ, California

"I purchased your e-book recently and I just wanted to thank you. I really appreciated how well you put it all together and all the practical advice you gave on the common pitfalls of going raw. I have tried to go raw before but ended up eating too much fruit and too many times felt very unbalanced and not sure how to put a meal together properly. I really appreciated your guidelines on how to eat and suggestions of what to eat based on your own experiences and mistakes.
Very much appreciated!"
AR, Montana

"I just bought your ebook - looking forward to reading it ever since I read about your story...Thank you for your fabulous efforts at helping the rest of us...thank God you are so benevolent in your approach, which helps in NOT binging and all.
Thanks so much."
KH, Adelaide

Why an e-book ?

For some people, e-books are unfamiliar and you may wonder what the benefits are of buying a book in this format. Millions of people are now using e-books and here are some of the reasons why:

1   Save Money - No shipping, no taxes, and the lowest prices.  
2   Control Viewing - Read online or print out a hardcopy. 
3   Read Easily - Enlarge or reduce text size with a click.
4   Navigate Easily -   Use hyperlinks in text to access other references.
5   Search Effortlessly - Search capabilities with PDF format.
6   Purchase Easily - Use Credit Card, book is delivered digitally.
7   Access Instantly - You will be reading your book within minutes after delivery.
8   Choose Printing Options - Print a few pages at a time if you choose.
9   Save Paper - Print multiple pages on one sheet.
10 Environmentally Friendly - Less fossil fuels used for ebook distribution.

Avoid the common pitfalls of going raw by learning directly from someone who has been there and experienced a revolutionary transformation.


 Buy 'RawReform: How to go Raw for Weight Loss' today for the special price of just $12.50 (approx. ?6.25) and begin your own journey towards amazing transformation, vitality and health.


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