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Media Coverage

Click on the links below for extracts from recent media articles about RawReform:

CNN News, Sept 23rd, 2008: Raw Food Weight Loss Story, 'Fit Nation' with Dr. Sanjay Gupta

Watch a 2-minute special on my raw food weight loss story, with Dr. Sanjay Gupta on CNN News :) This video was watched more than 2 MILLION times in its first week, making it the BIGGEST Health story of the year on CNN in 2008...

You can also read the accompanying CNN article HERE., April 2008: ' Raw Food Transformation' by Jim Foster

This article was posted to 'mainstream' weight loss site '' in April 2008 - some interesting comments follow the piece ;) You can read the article by clicking 'Read More' below, or see the piece in its original context by CLICKING HERE.  

GLiving, March 25th 2008: 'Raw Emotions: Got Food Issues?', by Winston Gieseke

The following article on my book 'Raw Emotions' was posted on GLiving on March the 25th, 2008:

Read more..., March 2008: Book Review of 'A Juice Feaster's Handbook'


Read on for the glowing review of
'A Juice Feaster's Handbook'
by Justin and Heidi Ohlander of  


Read more..., Jan 25th 2008: 'Raw Food Diet, Day 25', by Steve Pavlina

World-renowned blog experimenter Steve Pavlina did a 30-day raw food challenge at the start of 2008. On day 25, he wrote about RawReform - you can see what he had to say about weight loss and my raw story HERE.

NewsTarget Feature Story, Oct 15th, 2007: 'Going Raw for Weight Loss' by Angela Stokes

Today, NewsTarget published one of my weight loss articles as their lead article in a whole email blast about raw foods. If you?re not familiar with the work of NewsTarget and its founder, Mike Adams, I?d highly recommend checking it out. They send out email shots most days with cutting-edge alternative health info. It is an extremely popular email service, with over 100,000 subscribers I believe?and today, raw foods got highlighted in a big email blast to that whole list?WOW...imagine if ALL those people shimmied a little further into the light of raw foods, what an impact that would have... :)?aside from my article, which you can see HERE, Mike Adams himself also just posted an insightful personal report from the Raw Spirit Fest ? see HERE, plus another article examines gluten intolerance? 

Get Fresh Magazine, Autumn 2007; 'Food Combining Made Easy' by Angela Stokes


The Autumn 2007 issue of Get Fresh Magazine had an article by me on optimal food combining. To order your copy of Get Fresh, click HERE


'Dynamic Health' Radio Interview, October 2007, interview with Allart

This interview was for Vancouver Co-op radio and the host is a lovely, gentle, insightful woman named Allart?this interview differed to so many others in that we went deeeeeeep into the emotional aspects of my raw food journey ? almost to the exclusion of all else ;) It was wonderful to share so much, especially with a fellow raw foodie and WOMAN who clearly is very passionate about health and healing for the masses?beautiful?you can listen to the interview HERE:


Pear Magazine, Sep 2007; Interview by Melissa Gilbert

The September edition of online raw mag ?Pear Magazine? has the first half of an in-depth interview with me?this was one of the most intense interviews I?ve done so far?this issue also includes articles on The Law of Attraction, being 100% Raw, spiritual sisterhood and Addiction. You can order your copy on Storm and Jinjee?s site HERE

Get Fresh Magazine, Summer 2007; Weight Loss Nature's Way by Angela Stokes



The  Summer 2007 issue of Get FResh Magazine had an article by me on raw food weight loss. To order your copy of Get Fresh, click HERE.

Raw Spirit Radio 'British Invasion' Interview, Sept 5th 2007, with Laura Fox


In September, there was a dramatic limey invasion of Raw Spirit Radio? ;)
Myself and fellow British raw renegades Kate Magic, Suki Zoe and Joel Gazdar united with Laura ?Foxy? Fox in Sedona, AZ to spread some healing inter-continental love vibes and apparently ?redeem the British culinary tradition? after decades of soggy, broiled, greasy nonsense? ;)
The interview was great fun and Mr Monarch even got in on the invading action?you can hear the show by visiting this LINK and scrolling down...


First for Women Magazine COVER Article, September 2007; Ultra Juice Detox


I was on the front cover of ?First for Women? magazine in the US this month, which has a reported readership of over 2 million women. I got a LOT of feedback about this article - it seemed to encourage many people to try out more juicing, who might otherwise be more reluctant - all good seed-spreading ;)


Raw Summit Interview, August 2007, hosted by Kevin Gianni


The Raw Summit was a 2-week long extravaganza of in-depth interviews with 12 well-known raw foodies...myself, Matt Monarch, David Wolfe, Victoria Boutenko, Gabriel Cousens and many others participated. The talks were aired free nightly in August 2007, over two weeks. You can still purchase access to the talks, HERE.

Teleconference with Dan Hoyt of Quintessence, August 2007: Half the Size, Twice the Life

This was a free, hour-long conference call, hosted by Chef Dan Hoyt of Quintessence in New York?the listeners were able to submit their questions before-hand. The playback is available for FREE HERE...enjoy ;)


Purely Delicious Magazine, June 2007: Losing Weight and Finding Myself

Purely Delicious Magazine
The June issue of beautiful new raw lifestyle magazine ?Purely Delicious? contains an article about my weight loss and healing journey. Purely Delicious can be found in many health stores and restaurants across the US and you can also subscribe online HERE to receive the magazine for an entire year for just $25


FOX News: 'Eating Raw: The Benefits of an 'Uncooked' Diet by Kyle Ellen Nuse, July 12th 2007

Fox News published an article covering my transformation and raw foods ? hurray :) Great to see a more ?mainstream? media outlet like this embracing the raw food message ? Alissa Cohen, Natalia Rose and I all contributed to the piece and I feel it turned out well as a good little intro piece for people to the idea of raw foods ? YAY ? every little bit helps in spreading this message of health and healing :) You can see the piece here:,2933,289000,00.html



Funky Raw, June 2007: 'My 92 Day Juice Feast'

The June 2007 Funky Raw magazine contains an article by me all about Juice Feasting. The great news is they?re now offering the mag in e-format too, so that those outside the UK/Europe can access it more quickly/easily?see for more info and to order... 


Jinjee of, May 2007: 'Interview with Angela Stokes'

In May 2007, the wonderful Jinjee of The Garden Diet released a 53-minute interview I gave with her. This was a really fun interview ? she asks such great questions ;) The full piece can be seen if you visit /interviews/ or to see the beautiful trailer she put together, see here: =ULH2MohgvEg 


Virato Live Radio Interview, May 2007

In May I did an amusing raw radio interview with the inimitable Virato of Virato Live radio in Asheville, North Carolina - listen to the show HERE.

SMTV Interview, May 2007: Angela Stokes Vegetarian Recipe

Worldwide broadcasters SMTV showed interviews with me throughout May 2007. They show only positive programming. You can watch SMTV online at (or if you are in Europe, via Hotbird Satellite 6, at 13degrees East.) Their interviews with me were shown multiple times throughout May - here is one segment in which I did a raw food demo - avo/cilantro wraps, almond milk...


Arnold's Way Newsletter, May 2007
A sweet, reflective, insightful article on my journey as a raw foodist by Arnold Kauffman of Arnold's Way...
TheRawFoodWorld Newsletter, May 2007: Taking the World by STORM!
Here is a sweet little piece that was included in the quarterly newsletter from The Raw Food World:
Tribeca Radio Interview, April 2007: High Vibe with Bob Dagger

This interview with Dagger of High Vibe went out on Tribeca Radio in April 2007. I love talking with Dagger too, as he goes deep into things ? great questions. You can listen to it here: /blog/categories/highVibe/2007 /04/25.html
Enjoy ;) 

Lifescape Magazine, April 2007: 'The very best woman's guide to an easy 5 day juice detox'

The April 2007 issue of UK alternative lifestyle magazine Lifescape contains a 2-page feature article I wrote about juicing. It introduces Juice Feasting and offers a 5-day juicing plan for those with busy schedules. The magazine can be ordered online here: 

Raw Vegan Radio Interview, March 2007


Here is a fun little 20-minute interview I did with Steve from Raw Vegan Radio. It was recorded at the Raw Film Festival in March 2007 and can be heard here:

Feral Foods Article, March 2007: Angela's 92-Day Juice Feast

Here is an online article from Feral Foods about my Juice Feast: 

GLiving Article, March 2007: '92 Days of Nothing But Juice'

I love GLiving?if you haven?t seen this site before, it is a HUGE portal to all things green, with a commitment to keeping green info free and flowing?beautiful? :)

Juice Feast Breaking Video, 20th February 2007.

This 8min video was recorded live on the day I broke my epic 92-Day Juice Feast...

Tribeca Radio Interview, February 2007: High Vibe with Bob Dagger

This was a fun interview that I did with Dagger from HighVibe on the morning before I broke my Juice Feast?we discussed my background, the juicing and my spiritual experiences while raw? /blog/02.27.07.HV.27.mp3 coverage, February 2007: 'Angela's 3 Month Juice Feasting Experience'

Click HERE to view WeLikeitRaw's coverage of my Juice Feast adventures...


This radio interview with legendary talk show host Sally Jessy Raphael was recorded live on Jan 9th:   coverage, November 2006: 'In The Raw on Current TV'

Click HERE to view WeLikeitRaw's coverage of my Current TV appearance and juice feast adventures... 

Current TV Interview, November 2006: 'In the Raw'

Check out this raw food special item on myself and Matt Monarch recently shown on Al Gore's Current TV...

TotalRawFood 'Health Hero' Article, Nov 2006.
Check out this recent article with the lovely Jess Michael of

Get Fresh! Magazine, August 2006: Raw in the USA


Click HERE to download a FREE full copy of Get Fresh! Magazine. The article about my US tour is on page 8 of this issue...


Passion For The Planet Audio Clip, February, 2006: 'Raw Weight Loss' with Chantal Cooke
Passion for the Planet radio interview, February 2006, with Chantal Cooke
BBC South East Today News Video Clip, 22nd November, 2005: 'Nutty Diet' by Ian Palmer

BBC South East Today News Video Clip

Hooked on Raw Radio Interview, May 2006: Raw Weight Loss with Angela Stokes

Click HERE to hear my full interview with raw fooder Rhio on Tribeca Radio.

Read more... Article, 16th Oct 2006: 'Raw Food People Come to Town' by Ysanne Spevack

See the whole article HERE. 

Raw Living Foods Article, July 2006: From morbid obesity to a new life with raw living foods

Click HERE for the full article online. 

Feral Foods Article, June 2006: Angela Stokes - Angelic Transformation

From morbid obesity to a new life with raw foods...

Click HERE to view the full article. 

We Like it Raw Weblog, October 2005: Angela Cooked, Angela Raw (Damn!)

Now THIS is the power of the most healing food on earth, raw plant food... 

Click HERE for full blog item. 


The Insight, October 2005: 'Raw Goodness' by Nicola McLarnon

The raw food revolution is coming to town, and one local resident has already reaped the benefits.

The Argus, September 19th, 2005: 'Seeing a lot less of Angela' by Charles Whitney

Raw facts behind woman shedding half her body weight.

The People, October 9th, 2005: 'My Nutty Diet' by David Brown
Angela sheds 11st eating only raw food.
BeautifulonRaw Newsletter, November 2005: 'Interview with a Beautiful on Raw Woman' by Tonya Zavasta

For this newsletter I searched for women from all over the world who achieved remarkable results from the raw food lifestyle and asked them to share their secrets. Here are excerpts from the interview with Angela Stokes.

To see Angela's before and after pictures visit


Wave Magazine, June 2006: 'The Naked Lunch' by Matt Chittock

How Angela Stokes managed to lose eleven stone in four years, drop from a size 20 to a size 10 and boost her wellbeing through following a raw food diet...

The Argus, June 7th, 2006: 'Raw truth about diet' by Charles Whitney

A WOMAN who lost half her body weight by eating only uncooked food spoke at a raw food festival.
Angela Stokes, 27, of Ditchling Road, Brighton, lost 11 stone by giving up cooked food four years ago.

The Argus, May 30th, 2006: 'Raw secrets of how to lose weight ' by Charles Whitney

A WOMAN who lost half her body weight by eating only uncooked food has been giving talks in the USA.
Angela Stokes, 27, of Ditchling Road, Brighton, lost 11 stone by giving up cooked food four years ago today.

Insight City News, May 20th, 2006: 'Raw Cuisine' by Nicky Falkof

'The Food of Life Festy takes off at the Old Market in Hove on Sunday 4 June, showcasing the best of the raw food movement...speakers on the day will cover all aspects of the raw food lifestyle, which is fast gaining popularity for its health benefits, sustainability and simplicity. Forget complicated eating plans with banned foods, points, weights and measures - just stop cooking, these practitioners say, and watch your body change for the better.'

The Garden Diet Bulletin, 15th May 2006, 'Angela's Stunning Before and Afters' by Jinjee

Angela Stokes went from 294 lbs. to 138 lbs. on a raw vegan diet! You can read her story and see her before and afters on her website at ...

Lifescape Magazine, May 2006, 'Not such a Raw Deal' by Sri Dimond

'How I learned to never cook anything and be happy: A diet of raw, unprocessed foods transformed Angela Stokes' life.'

Daily Express, March 28th, 2006, 'How Raw Food Saved my Life' by Adrian Lee

Angela Stokes, 27, was dangerously overweight at 21 stone and needed an extreme solution to help get her life back on track. She tells Adrian Lee how she shed 11-and-a-half stone.


The Argus, March 6th, 2006: 'Raw Facts on Losing Weight' by Charles Whitney

Raw Facts on Losing Weight

A WOMAN who weighed 21stone but is now 9st 9lb after swapping pizzas and chips for seeds and salads is to tour the USA telling people how to do the same.

The Sun Online, February 22nd, 2006: 'I quit cooking to lose 12st' by Alex Kasriel

Angela looks raw-geous now

'MOST people cut out the crisps and chocolate when they need to lose weight, but Angela Stokes ditched her cooker instead. You may choke on your full English breakfast at the very thought, but Angela says: ?Since I started eating raw I'm happier than ever." '


Raw Guru Newsletter, February 2006: 'Interview with Angela Stokes' by Alex Malinsky

Question #1: What are some rawfood staples in your current diet? B) Are you 100% raw? C) How did you start?

Raw staples for me at the moment include: LOTS of fresh greens, avocadoes, spirulina, maca, raw tahini, wheatgrass juice, bananas and apples and a few seasonal oranges.

Read more... Diet and Fitness Pages, June 2006: 'Losing Weight was a Raw Deal' by Kelly Ellis Diet and Fitness Pages 

Reveal Magazine, December 31st, 2005: 'Raw Food Rid Me of the Flab' by Laura Mannering

Angela Stokes, 27, from Brighton, East Sussex, tells us how...

The Argus, November 27th, 2005: 'Tips on How to Eat Raw' by Charles Whitney

A WOMAN who lost more than half her body weight by eating only uncooked food has written
a book telling others how to follow her example.

BBC News, Southern Counties, November 23rd, 2005: 'Raw food diet cuts woman's weight'

A Sussex woman who decided to change her diet to eat nothing but raw food has lost 12 stone in three years.

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