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Why go raw? PDF Print E-mail

Eating raw is a natural way to fuel our bodies. We are animals - in the wild, animals do not eat cooked food - it is not natural. Cooking and processing foods destroys essential enzymes and nutrients, literally taking the life out of the food. Food is the fuel on which every cell in our bodies runs, so eating dead, lifeless food can only lead to compromised health. Cooked food is possibly the most widely accepted addiction in the world - it's full of toxins and unnatural, yet the average person in our society probably eats 90-100% cooked or processed foods - the opposite to the raw ideal. Overeaters in particular have unhealthy attachment to cooked and processed foods - going raw helps get food into perspective and break up addicted, obsessive cycles.
Going raw, you can expect extraordinary health benefits - abundant energy and vitality, permanent weight control, reversal or slowing of aging, balanced emotions, clear mind and optimal health. There are incredible testimonies of people curing themselves of cancer, heart disease, diabetes, even AIDS with this lifestyle. You look and feel truly healthy, happy and alive and you start to eat instinctually, giving your body everything it needs. Also, if you're a menstruating woman, the good news is that going raw usually makes your periods lighter and less painful. There's much truth in the adage 'you are what you eat' - all illness is the result of dietary choice - so why not make the best choice you can?
Humans aren't made to eat meat - we don't have canine teeth for ripping flesh, we have grinding teeth for nuts and leaves and our intestines aren't short like a meat-eating animal's - they are very long, so when we eat meat, it takes a long time to digest and can putrefy and stick in the colon. If you've eaten a standard British or American diet all your life, you can expect your colon to be in pretty bad shape - going raw will help clear out the debris and possible parasites.
Being raw is the ultimate sustainable, ecologically sound diet - less of EVERYTHING is required - just think about it - fewer pots, utensils, barbeques, pan scrubbers, supermarkets, commercial drugs and remedies, less packaging, transport, mind-twisting advertising, pollution, environmental damage - the list goes on and on...

To read more of my thoughts on how to go raw successfully, happily and for the long-term,
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