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From the archives of the wonderful healing Emotional Freedom Technique site: 

New Treatment for Emotional Eating Provides Answer for Unsuccessful Dieters -- Cravings Subside in 80% of Cases

San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) -- Stanford Engineer Gary Craig introduces a new do-it-yourself approach to Acupuncture that helps overweight Americans combat emotional eating. Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) addresses emotional eating at the level of the energy meridian system (or Chi in Chinese Medicine). There is no talk therapy involved, no drugs, no special diets, and it often works when willpower fails.

 EFT is modeled after acupuncture but doesn?t use needles. Instead, one simply stimulates certain meridian points by tapping on them with their fingertips. In 80% of the cases immediate food cravings subside in moments. Craig acknowledges, ?while this is not yet mainstream thinking, hundreds of doctors, psychiatrists and psychotherapist are using EFT to help their patients change their relationships with food.?

 Craig reports, ?I see repeatedly that emotional issues like fear, anger, boredom, shame, and resentment are the very centerpiece of someone?s weight gain. But their emotional issues have remained unresolved despite willpower and conventional therapies. This is because their energy meridian system (or Chi in Chinese Medicine) has been disrupted by the emotional issues. Until the energy system is balanced, the emotional eating will continue.?

 In his book The Ultimate Weight Solution, Dr. Phil McGraw?s top two ?Keys to Permanent Weight Loss? are 1) ?Right Thinking? -- change your thinking; and 2) ?Healing Feelings.? McGraw offers extensive information and advice for readers to analyze themselves as well as exercises intended to help readers take emotional control of their lives.

 Craig agrees that negative thoughts, feelings and emotions are at the core of people?s weight problems. But he maintains, ?the energy disruption caused by the unresolved emotional difficulties is the missing link to actually changing your thinking and healing your feelings permanently. When the emotional issues are addressed at the energetic level, the negative thoughts and obsessive behavior regarding food disappears. There is no willpower involved because the trigger emotions have been resolved and the urge to overeat simply disappears ... usually permanently.?

 ?Unsuccessful dieters fail because they are relying on their willpower to quell the emotional turmoil that is actually lodged in their energy systems?, says Craig. ?Exercises like journaling, and meditation are great to help people connect to their emotional pain, but EFT will help people to gently extract their emotional pain from their system.?

 Dr. Carol Look, a Manhattan psychotherapist and EFT Master Practitioner specializes in using EFT for weight loss. One client, Ann, reported being overweight her whole life and knew that her weight was contributing to her back pain. While working with Dr. Look, Ann recognized that she was using food to fill the emotional emptiness of her childhood, to tranquilize the pain from her back, and to fill the void of living with an inattentive husband.

 After EFT treatment, her emotional drivers were gone and Ann?s natural ability to lose weight surfaced. She lost 25 pounds and reported that her relationship with food changed significantly. Her back pain improved as well. Ann said, ?food isn?t as central in my life anymore?I eat moderately and am more conscious of when I?m full and what I need.? She said that using EFT for her pent-up frustrations and emptiness made all the difference in her life to help her stop overeating and care about her body and health.

 Over 225,000 people have downloaded Craig?s free EFT training manual from the official EFT website. It provides all the basics so anyone can begin using it immediately.

The EFT Manual can be freely downloaded HERE.

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