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For me, this way of life is not just about food - it is about living as naturally as I can - thinking about the products I use on my body and home, avoiding standard allopathic medicines and trying overall to keep things simple.

This is not intended to be a faddy diet done just to lose weight, then revert to old habits - that would be very hard on the body and very likely to pile the weight back on - this is about a new, vibrant way of life.
Eating mainly raw food may seem anti-social at times - consuming is a large part of social interaction and others may struggle to understand, perhaps questioning or ridiculing you. Try to stay within your own boundaries, educate yourself, and preferably find support from others who understand what you're doing. You can find raw groups, meetings and events online to connect with others on this path - try the RawReform Forum for a start...
Try to be patient about the changes - when I first saw the dramatic weight loss effects, I wanted all the extra weight gone, immediately. I had to remind myself of all the years it had taken to get my body into the state it was - the changes wouldn't happen overnight, but they would happen fast.
Even if you don't end up eating mainly raw, experimenting with this way of life brings rewards - it affects the way you see food, recognising it as essential fuel for your body - so just do what you can, step by step and see where it leads you.
Make up your own mind on what to eat - some consider dehydrated foods raw, as the foods don't undergo high temperatures, others don't; some vegans eat honey, some people rule out nut butters as most contain roasted nuts - take a look at each issue and choose for yourself.
If you choose to go raw, it is your decision and your personal path - you don't have to explain or apologise to anyone, and can be secure in the knowledge that you are doing the best you can to take care of yourself. It is quite vital however that you are doing this FOR YOURSELF and that the motivation comes from within YOU - try not to be put off by others' comments - you're doing it for you, not them. Those who don't follow a similar path often ask many questions that may feel intrusive and confrontational - be prepared to defend your boundaries or to withdraw from such conversation if you choose - you have every right to be doing this and to be doing it exactly the way YOU need to. People often seem to feel uncomfortable if you cannot be easily 'pigeon-holed' - if for example you eat mainly raw food, are mostly vegan but sometimes eat fish and wear leather shoes...expect frequent questions. :) I often feel like saying 'I eat like me' when asked about eating - this possibly sounds very pretentious, but it's true - I eat for my own body's requirements, not to fit any dietary model.


To read more of my thoughts on how to go raw successfully, happily and for the long-term, see my books HERE


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