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Thanks for the encouraging and rewarding comments many of you have sent - it?s wonderful to receive such positive messages. Here are some examples, with identities removed for anonymity. All feedback gratefully received:

I am impressed and inspired by your book and your dedication in helping others. Thank you so much for your website and your book. It has given me hope that I have never had. SR

I just want to let you know how much I admire your raw journey and congratulate you on your amazing raw transformation. You are true inspiration for others!
Keep up the good work :)
TR, Denmark

What can I say to express my respect and admiration for you and the fantastic work you are doing?Let alone what you have achieved in yourself. UW, England.

you shine girl, you shine, the stars and the heavens reside in your self, and you just shine.  Thanks for being you.  CR, Florida

you have my strongest support and appreciation for what you are offering. May it reach out and touch as many hearts (and bodies) as is possible!
ER, N Carolina

I would like to thank you for your inspirational story and the pictures of your transformation.  I can't believe the change you have gone through.  I have found that your website is one the best sites I have been too in regard to a raw food diet (I had to read every page).Thank You for being such an inspiration and dedicating yourself to help others. JR, Illinois.

You truly are an inspiration. I am struggling with being 100% raw at the moment. But I read your story and if you can do it, I am sure I can too.  So once again thank you.
RM, Chicago

What you are putting out into the world by sharing your story is wonderful.
MS, Florida

...its amazing what you've accomplished. your such an encouragement.
LK, San Diego

Thank you for accepting the vulnerability that comes from living transparently.
JB, Oregon

I just found your web site and have spent almost 2 hours reading your  stories and browsing.  Thank you for sharing so much and for the work  you are doing.  I would love to congratulate you for finding your way  -- the path to optimal health -- at a young
age, and finding your  mission. I just want to thank you!

Taking a quick glance at your ebook, it looks fantastic! I am printing it now! I look forward to reading it later today. Thanks so much for your caring attitude. You are the best! BD
I just want you to know that what you're doing with your site is phenomenal. It inspires me to continue on this journey and step it up a bit. Thanks.   DG

I'm looking forward to reading your book. The photos on your web site are fabulous. My 5yo dd was amazed before and after pictures were the same lady. SS

Wow Angela! What a resource, its fabulous(the pictures speak for themselves). Just a note to say, thank-you for sharing your personal journey with me and the universe / world; you're truly an inspiration to us all(well me alone!).I've never met you, but your story struck chords with me; especially concerning emotionally well-being(confidence,   self-esteem and quality relationships or lack of them as the case may be) its that typical negative spiral. You, Angela have given me that priceless gift called come across as a beautiful soul who genuinely cares about humanity , life and the universe. I love the web-site(you can tell lots of labour and love has gone into it, I'll be recommending it to anyone that needs it)keep up the excellent work! KS

Awesome!!!! I read your story with tears streaming down my face, so happy that you were able to save your life!!! I hope you are wildly successful in everything you do. WB

wow! you are truly an inspiration!   i've been raw for a while but find myself slipping from time to time and totally regretting and suffering for it later! it would seem as if i have to know why i went raw in the first place! thanks so much for the inspiration! NS

Gee Angela, what a remarkable 'reform' you have experienced indeed. You must feel so much younger and energetic with all that weight lifted more load to carry around everywhere. You certainly look much younger now and more beautiful. If only other people could see the way out of obesity like you have- we'd all be liberated! I know so many people that are suffering this way, but they refuse to change their lifestyles. Good on you, you had the courage to do so! R

I've started reading the book and I just can't stop - it is   a real inspiration, amazing how you managed to set out the overeating patterns. Keep up the good   work and all the best for the future, MP

Thankyou for your wonderful book - really low cost with plenty of easy recipes for beginners (without extras like MSM, etc). JT

What a beautiful story!   I am so grateful that you're out there advocating this amazing lifestyle.   It is so encouraging to read your story and see your pictures, thank you! LT

you look amazing, even as a stranger, I am so proud of you as a person for your incredible strength and endurance! :) JR

I have to thank you so much for sharing your story and all the energy that you devote to the raw food way of life. I've downloaded your first e-book, and can't wait to order your recipe one. Your website came to me at just the right time. I just wanted to thank you for giving me the guidance I needed to change my weight once and for all. RN

I just finished reading your ebook and wanted to tell you how grateful I am to you for sharing your knowledge and experience.   Yours is an amazing story, and I am excited to pass the website information on to others who could benefit from knowing about your journey. You are changing hearts, bodies, and minds--that must be edifying! GF

I wanted to thank you for sharing your story!! I am struggling to stay raw and would like to lose a little weight myself! What a journey-very positive and inspiring! Thank you for sharing-its just the kind of story I needed to read for motivation!!

Wow!! Angela, this is a fantastic story. I read your entire website and it is inspiring!
Congratulations and keep up the good eats!

that is an absolutely excellent website and an excellent service. i hope you've posted your message on every food forum on the web that you can find.


What an inspirational story, thank you very much for sharing it with me. Your pics look really great.

Thanks for a great web site!

Thank you your website is fantastic!

Thank you so much for your help. I appreciate it!

I want to say that I love your website, and I appreciate you helping people like myself.

wow your site is amazing! your story totally captivated me!
and i am very inspired by it, thank you so much for sharing your site!

What a neat web site you have!  I enjoyed reading your story.

Keep up the great work!  You are an inspiration.

Just wanted to tell you that I love your story...thanks so much for your time and consideration.

I just wanted to say that your site was amazingly inspiring and helpful. I was quite moved by your honesty and how candid you were about your experience... Thank you for your site!

Thanks for sharing your wonderful story and pics online!!!

I just looked at your website, and I?m very impressed, not only by your personal story but the website itself.  It filled with vital information and it?s also quite pretty (most raw websites don?t care about aesthetics)... Congratulations on all of your achievements!

I enjoyed reading your site!  I am just embarking on a raw foods lifestyle and found your story most encouraging.  Congrats to you on your return to health!

very inspirational! wish you the best...

Well done. Nice site! :)

Wow you lost so much weight. You are a great inspiration to me. Thanks for sharing you marvelous story!
it is an amazing story and an amazing transformation.

A fascinating site, well worth a look!

Wow..terrific! I've seen your pics before and I think you look fabulous.

Well done! Your before and after pictures are amazing...and you are wearing a jacket in the 'after' picture! Wow!

Great site. I'll direct people there, especially the ones who need more proof...

I had a quick look and it's a very nice site, and a fabulous testimonial for raw food. The information is concise and well-written too. Very good job.

I read your Philosophy page and I couldn't agree more. "I eat like me", I love that. Congrats with everything you're doing!

Wow you look fabulous!

You are absolutely beautiful!

Thanks so much for your wonderful story. It's truly awe-inspiring and the web site is a labour of love!

Thank you for providing all this great info

Thanks so much for sharing your journey with me!  You look fantastic!  Glad to hear your life is moving on!
Please keep your site alive you are an inspiration to everyone who visits you here!!!!

I really like how you stress how your diet should be
whatever you feel is right for you.  Too often i find people stress about
following a labeled (such as 'vegan') diet.  Jus do what works for you- -I thought
that was great.  I really like your site, i'll be telling people about it.  And

I really enjoyed your website. You look great!

After reading your site, and looking at your pics I too decided to go 100% raw...I am sooo happy!

it's a really great web site, well done : )

I really enjoyed your website- it was very informational and inspiring! Thank you for your time and effort to putting your website together. I loved it!  Thanks again!

Hi, i think it is an excellent site, very informative. Congratulations on your achievement(s)!

Your site is just lovely and very inspiring! Thank you for sharing your story with the world...
Light, Love and Blessings.

You look so good, congrats...

just GREAT!!!!! You really changed Your life with this decision, Im sure. Congratulation and keep doing well for You.

you look incredible! i'm so happy for you.

Angela, your site is wonderful. You look wonderful! So young and vibrant.

Congratulations on your loss and your newfound health!

Great photos, great website, great story - thanks for posting! I really believe raw food is the healthiest way to go. Your story is very inspiring. Thanks again.

Great site you created. Congrats on your accomplishments. A lot of very useful information there, and a lot of good links too.

What a Life! You're absolutely gorgeous! It shines through every photo. I think you're wonderful.

Wow!!! I was so encouraged and inspired by your accomplishment!!! Way to go!! It is people like you who have lived it and overcome obstacles...that keep the rest of us "beginners" moving forward!

thank you so much for sharing your story and your website. I devoured the entire site and bookmarked it for future inspiration. WAY TO GO! I am thrilled for your success!

wow, i am impressed - congratulations!
your website is great and very informative (loads of background information).
it is amazing to read how you not only changed physically but also how you seem to have found your place in life as you look so happy and proud!
keep up the positive spirit! :-)

RAwsome! congrats on your success, you look amazing!

You have a lot to be proud of! You look wonderful, have a terrific website and you are helping others.

wow! you're an amazing women! look at you! wow!
You really look amazing but most of all your story and your life look
amazing. thanks so much...



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