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Social issues can be one of the most isolating aspects of a raw food lifestyle. Time after time people contact me feeling lonely, misunderstood and alienated as they embark on this path. I cannot emphasise enough the benefit of having others around you who understand and support your choices.
So often, people who are new to raw get discouraged if those around them do not also seem interested in this way of life. This can be exasperated if we try in vain to persuade our friends and families to change with us. We cannot make anyone else?s choices for them. Rather than burning your energies out on trying to convert others who aren?t necessarily really interested, I strongly recommend reaching out to people who ARE already on the same path. This will provide a stronger sense of community and support, then you will likely feel more secure to let your raw light shine even brighter :)
Being a beacon for positive change - a living example of the wonders of this transformative way of life ? is a great way to share this message. People will see how much healthier and happier you are and those who are genuinely interested will likely start to come to YOU, asking for guidance.
The raw community is building and growing all the time. We are so blessed. A few years ago, it was much more challenging to find others who aren?t likely to ask you where you get your protein from ;)
Here are my favourite resources and recommendations for connecting with others:

Raw Re-FORUM ? the Forum at is a great place to connect with others interested in weight loss and overeating issues in particular. - uber-fabulous online raw community from the We Like It Raw Team - super-friendly people and good vibes :) - the place to connect for all things juicy and flowing ;) ? a wonderful raw food community space with over 4000 members at present. Create your own free profile. View mine here:

MySpace ? the world?s biggest online networking portal. See my page here: ? an international network of groups of raw foodists meeting up for pot-lucks, lectures and fun :) See my profile and search for a group near you here: ? another huge online networking portal, with many different raw food groups to access. See my profile and find groups HERE.

If you are more interested in one-on-one personal guidance about raw foods, I also offer consultations. Read more HERE.


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