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21. Post-Feast FEAST, Juicing Retreat, Raw Connections - social issues explored, Raw in Costa Rica PDF Print E-mail

Greetings and welcome to the 21st RawReform Newsletter?the year got off to an exciting start here at RawReform and there?s much yet to explore?read on to find out more?

In this issue:

-The ?Post-Feast FEAST? Giveaway
-Weight Loss/Juice Feast Retreat in Michigan, April
-Winner of Voucher
-Raw Connections ? Raw Social Issues Explored
-Raw Foods/Juice Feasting Seminar in Costa Rica



As I write this, I am currently 80 DAYS into my marathon 92-Day Juice Feast in Costa Rica.
Those of you who have been following my progress on my blog will know it has been an amazing journey for me so far, which has seen me lose around 15+ lbs, work through some pretty painful detox symptoms and experience deep cleansing.
I have enjoyed juicing so much that the idea of going back to solids has seemed odd to me for the majority of this cleanse. However, in the last couple of weeks, the idea of solids has started to slowly become appealing again and so it is that in the next couple of weeks I will begin to break my feast.
I?d love to celebrate this momentous occasion with you all, so, with the cooperation of some of the loveliest raw food snack suppliers out there, we?ve put together some amazing raw treat hampers for the ?POST-FEAST FEAST? giveaway :)

There are 3 hampers for winners in the UK/Europe and 3 hampers for those in N.America/rest of the world.
The hampers include yummy snacks from the following suppliers: 


Larawlicious Raw Treats offer a box of their simply divine Goji Goddess Hearts (see pic). These luscious raw sweeties are chewy and cacao-free. (If you want to order some for Valentine?s Day, get your order in quick to This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it ) have gifted us a selection of their fabulous dehydrated goods, handmade with love. Yummies include apple-ginger bars, savory trail mix and grain-less apple cereal. have donated a mixed selection from their best-selling  range  of  raw  chocs  and trail mixes  - hi-crunch,  whoosh, be the change, bullet ride, hi-trail goji  and magic mix.
offer up a bundle of each of their outstanding bars ? Cacaobars, Sunberry and Vanoffe (my personal favourite raw food treat ;) is offering a mixture of the delicious Raw Crunch bars in Wild Blueberry and Wildcrafted Goji Berry flavours. want to share with you some of each of their award-winning hemp seed raw snack bars ? tropical, apple and cinnamon and date/walnut flavours.

It will likely be a long time yet before I personally get back round to eating things like raw snack bars and chocolates ? it?s going to be prunes, juicy fruits and salads for me for a good few weeks yet... So, in the meantime, you may soon be the lucky winner of a lush bounty of raw snacks to enjoy on my behalf ;) Each hamper contains at least ?15/$30 worth of treats?yummmmmmm? :)


All those who pre-order my upcoming E-Book ? ?A Juice Feaster?s Handbook? will be entered into the draw to win one of the prizes. This insightful e-book outlines in an easy-to-understand format, the who/what/when/why and how of Juice Feasting, whether you?d like to do it for a weekend or the full 92-Days?

This E-Book will be published around the end of February, when my Juice Feast is over. At that time, all pre-orders will be fulfilled for the e-book and if you are one of those picked, a taster hamper of treats will be winging its way to you too, along with your new book.

To pre-order YOUR copy of ?A Juice Feaster?s Handbook? for just $10 and be in with a chance of winning, CLICK HERE.

PLEASE remember to provide your postal address with your order, so that we can get your celebration hamper to you if you are one of the lucky winners picked at random. The winners will be announced in the next newsletter.



Join me in Michigan at the end of April for a transformational week-long women?s retreat focused on weight loss and detoxing with raw foods. From April 25th ? May 2nd, we will be holding a Juice Feasting retreat at the beautiful Ronora Lodge, near Chicago.
Come and enjoy a five day juice feast, yoga, raw food lectures, emotional exploration classes, nature walks, natural healthcare and more in the company of a loving and supportive group of like-minded women.
Help yourself build a commitment with community.
Rates from $100/day. Ronora are currently offering a 10% discount on the cost of this retreat if paid in full before March 15th.
Complete details on the web: 
For more info on juice feasting, see my blog, here:
For more retreat info, contact 269-463-6315 or This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it



In January?s newsletter, we announced a Prize Giveaway of a $10 gift voucher courtesy of To enter, you simply had to answer the following question:

What is THE most valuable piece of guidance you picked up in 2006 for having a healthy raw lifestyle?

The winning entry, picked at random, was this, from Michelle in Norway:

?The most valuable piece of guidance I have picked up in 2006 was to find out what you fear about going raw. I always believe that you can't change anything you aren't aware of, but I never thought that fear might be something to keep me from raw foods. Once I started thinking about it I realized that there were several things I feared (loosing friends, alienating family etc.). Realizing my fears allowed me to work through them, and even though some of them are still there, at least I am aware of them and so they can't control me unless I allow them too.?

Thanks Michelle and CONGRATULATIONS ? your voucher is on its way to you now to use at for a lovely new raw food book, snacks or equipment :)

Thanks to everyone who entered this giveaway, there were some great raw pearls of wisdom submitted. We couldn?t keep them all to ourselves, so a selection are up now HERE on the RawReform site. Enjoy :)



Social issues can be one of the most isolating aspects of a raw food lifestyle. Time after time people contact me feeling lonely, misunderstood and alienated as they embark on this path. I cannot emphasise enough the benefit of having others around you who understand and support your choices.
So often, people who are new to raw get discouraged if those around them do not also seem interested in this way of life. This can be exasperated if we try in vain to persuade our friends and families to change with us. We cannot make anyone else?s choices for them. Rather than burning your energies out on trying to convert others who aren?t necessarily really interested, I strongly recommend reaching out to people who ARE already on the same path. This will provide a stronger sense of community and support, then you will likely feel more secure to let your raw light shine even brighter :)
Being a beacon for positive change - a living example of the wonders of this transformative way of life ? is a great way to share this message. People will see how much healthier and happier you are and those who are genuinely interested will likely start to come to YOU, asking for guidance.
The raw community is building and growing all the time. We are so blessed. A few years ago, it was much more challenging to find others who aren?t likely to ask you where you get your protein from ;)
Here are my top 5 favourite resources and recommendations for connecting with others:

Raw Re-FORUM ? the Forum at is a great place to connect with others interested in weight loss and overeating issues in particular. ? a wonderful raw food community space with around 4000 members at present. Create your own free profile. View mine here:

MySpace ? the world?s biggest online networking portal. See my page here: ? an international network of groups of raw foodists meeting up for pot-lucks, lectures and fun :) See my profile and search for a group near you here: ? another huge online networking portal, with many different raw food groups to access. See my profile and find groups HERE.

If you are more interested in one-on-one personal guidance about raw foods, I also offer consultations. Read more HERE.



On the weekend of March 3rd-4th, I will be holding a Raw Food and Juice Feasting Seminar at the KasaSana Yoga Centre in San Jose, Costa Rica.
The weekend will be divided into an Introductory Day on Raw Foods, followed by a special workshop on Juice Feasting.
For more information, see or contact This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it
Tel: 253-8322


That?s all the updates for now?I leave you with a quote that really spoke to me this month?

"The food you eat can be either the safest and most powerful form of medicine, or the slowest form of poison"

Best wishes and blessings for all your choices?
One love,
Angela. xxx

RawReform - The Natural Way to Weight Loss
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