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Here are other places to find RawReform on the net:

YouTube - see my raw food videos and enjoy the musical offerings of 'Maria von Chia' through my YouTube channel:

GoogleVideo - some of my raw vids ended up over here on Google - see here as a starting point: - uber-fabulous online raw community from the We Like It Raw Team - super-friendly people and good vibes :)

Twitter - keep right up-to-date with my adventures on this user-friendly community site. - the place to connect for all things juicy and flowing ;) - a wonderful raw food community space with around 4000 members at present. Create your own free profile. View mine here:

MySpace - the world's biggest online networking portal. See my page here: - an international network of groups of raw foodists meeting up for pot-lucks, lectures and fun :) See my profile and search for a group near you here: - another huge online networking portal, with many different raw food groups to access. See my profile and find groups HERE. - yet another massive networking site. This feels a bit more 'user-friendly' than MySpace somehow...see my profile here:
- A space created by Kevin Trudeau of 'Natural Cures', to bring together those interested in natural healing that works. See my profile page HERE. - gorgeous interconnecting site for all things global/eco/social/spiritual. See my page HERE.

Current TV
- Al Gore's new current affairs TV station, aimed at sharing vibrant, relevant news with a 30-smthg demographic. See my profile and vids on there by clicking HERE.

- uber-classy green lifestyle site GLiving often publish my articles on raw food - see my work there by clicking THIS LINK.

Holistic Local - a site that helps people connect in their local area with other holistic people and businesses. See my profile HERE.

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