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Below you'll find an excerpt

from my new book

'Raw Emotions'...




"I came to understand something about my own patterns with cravings while on this journey that really helped me to stop compulsive eating. I came to accept that pretty much whatever I looked at, I wanted to eat (aside from things I didn?t like, such as seafood). If it was within my view, I wanted to eat it, regardless of whether I was hungry or not. I just wanted to eat anything I laid my eyes on ? it was like an endless craving to just fill, fill, fill myself. At that time, as a rampant binge-eating toxic food consumer, the impact I was having on my health every time I acted on that urge to eat was far more damaging than as a raw food eater. However, the compulsion doesn?t simply vanish just from going raw. After I went raw, it was still there. It didn?t matter which raw foods I was looking at or what time of day it was, I wanted to eat. Even as a 100% raw food eater, the spectrum of things I was attracted to had shifted completely, yet the wild compulsion to eat all that I could was still there. After a while I came to understand this pattern and how destructive and all-pervasive it was for me. I came to see that it was basically inevitable for me that if I looked at food, I wanted to eat it. When I saw that clearly, it really helped me relax and even laugh at the absurdity of it.

With time I learned to examine the many emotional/spiritual tangles underlying that pattern and to stop acting out on every impulse. I accepted the pattern thus far for what it was and learnt to breathe deep into each incident and let go, rather than acting out. I found too that the longer I was on a raw path, the more cleansing my body experienced and hence the less food it asked for. The ?demands? for food just naturally declined and the patterns have changed now. I may still look at things and think ?wow, that looks yummy?, yet it doesn?t mean I want to eat it right then. Mindless instant gratification like that just doesn?t feel like a healthy or happy choice to me anymore. I want to make choices that better support my health and well-being in the long-run, rather than compulsively munching."



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