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Read on for the glowing review of
'A Juice Feaster's Handbook'
by Justin and Heidi Ohlander of  


Are you thinking of Juice Feasting?

Now with the Global Juice Feast in full swing, many raw foodists, and others who are new to raw foods, are contemplating jumping on the juice feasting bandwagon.

Then there are those who are not quite sure what to think of juice feasting, let alone juicing. Juice feasting is quite a stretch, even for many raw foodists.

You may have been to one of the many juice feasting blogs recently and have noticed that there are a wide variety of people taking an even wider variety of juice feasting journeys. Some, like Heidi, have recently completed their feast and have done less than the 92 days that is the center of the main Juice Feasting program.

Others have feasted to completion and have had amazing results.

You may have also heard the words Modified Juice Feast being thrown around quite a bit...

Confused yet?

Guidance In All This Juice Feasting Confusion

If you are at all interested in doing a juice feast of any length, it is absolutely required that you read though everything under the Juice Feasting Intro section on the site.

If you haven't yet, please read our full review of the Membership site to get an understanding of what it's all about.

After you've read through all of that information and are still thinking of doing any sort of Juice Feast, we highly recommend you grab a copy of Angela Stokes' Juice Feasting Handbook. Her ebook is a small investment for a practical, hands-on guide for anyone even remotely interested in juice feasting.

Why Angela? Well, as far as we know, Angela is the first person who publicly blogged about doing a juice feast on her Raw Reform blog. She has, perhaps, single handedly launched the juice feasting fire that has flamed the Internet and raw blogging world through her detailed online journey.

She gives the best highlights of her juice feasting journey in her book, while also including a post-feast update with her thoughts and advice now that she has achieved this momentous goal.

Her Practical, First-Hand Experience Gives Helpful Information

To have a book written about juice feasting by someone who has fully done it is an incredible resources to have.

Though Angela knows the Rainoshek's Juice Feasting program inside and out, she offers her unique perspective that will be a useful Juice Feasting tool for years to come. In her book, she answers all of the typical juice feasting questions, including the emotional ones that you may be afraid to ask, such as "What if I get cravings to eat something?" and "Isn't it difficult to stay just on juice?"

A couple of other excellent questions Angela addresses are:
  • "Does it have to be for 92 Days?"
  • "I feel fearful/depressed/anxious while Juice Feasting - is something going wrong?"
  • "How do I avoid the post-feast overeating trap?"

Thank you for the recipes, Angela

One of our favorite aspects of her book, is the large list of quality juice recipes. These are a fabulous addition to the recipe ideas listed on the site.

Angela gives many excellent day-to-day juice combinations that you will probably end up making as daily juice feasting staples, and with enough variety to keep you interested as you go.

These recipes really helped Heidi with recipe inspiration as she began her juice feast and has given JS a great direction for his modified feast.

A Complete Juice Feasting Program

It is our opinion that if you were to combine the membership site and Angela's handbook, you would have a complete guide to Juice Feasting.

Maybe in the future this ebook will become part of the overall membership program.

Again, if you are at all interested in Juice Feasting, please do yourself a favor and grab a copy of this ebook and give it a read-through. It is a small investment that will give you an thorough, first-hand perspective and overview of Juice Feasting. By reading the book, you should be able to determine if Juice Feasting is right for you and how you will plan to go about doing it and for how long.

If nothing else, it should inspire you to start adding more nutrient-dense juices to your diet.

I know it did for me.

~ JS
Raw Food, Right Now

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