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We are regularly out exploring the web and when we find a great site we list it here for you to enjoy...

Raw Food Sites based in N. America:

RawReformBlog: Follow my adventures on a 92 day Juice Feast and beyond... ;)

RawReformStore: Our online shop with all things raw and yummy :)

TheRawFoodWorld:  Amazingly comprehensive raw food online superstore.

RawSpirit: Matt Monarch's ground-breaking work, including his books 'Raw Spirit' and 'Raw Success'.

LiveLightlyPlan: Our 30-Day Raw Food Weight Loss Plan.

InnerCircle: Join our online community - Q&A, forums, monthly menu plans, special events and more :)

GiveItToMeRaw: FABULOUS raw food online community with a very open, supportive energy.

PurelyDelicious: Gorgeous printed raw food magazine - incredible resource. The HQ of all things juicy ;)

EatRawFood: Raw food online community - create your own space, courtesy of Nature's First Law.

LifeAndLove: Inspiring online video site with channels for love, live foods, spirituality and more...

HighVibe: Beautiful NYC space for raw foods, books and supplements.

RawFamily: Home page of raw food veterans the Boutenko family

SunfoodNutrition: Enormous U.S. site for foods, books and equipment; good bulletin board.

TribecaRadio: Online raw food talk and healthy lifestyle radio.

WeLikeItRaw: Info-rich site on all things raw.

TheGardenDiet: Storm and Jinjee's inspiring site about their raw family.

FeralFoods: New, informative site with useful nutritional facts on many foods.

RawVeganRadio: Fantastic new site with free raw interviews to download.

RawFoodInfo: Extensive raw site by US author Rhio.

Alissa Cohen: Big, impressive, popular US site by author Alissa.

CatchAHealthyHabit: Amazing raw lifestyle team in CT.

SBLIR: Very amusing sketch comedy meets raw cooking show.

GoRawHaveFun: Lovely Lenette's guidance for raw city life.

HumbleBee: Info on juice fasting, Master Cleansing, detox and more.
FromSADtoRaw: Michelle Reeves' inspiring site for raw weight loss.

Living and Raw Foods: Huge U.S. online community, great bulletin board.

BeautifulOnRaw: Tonya Zavasta's delightful work on releasing inner beauty.

RawGuru: Alex Malinsky's info-rich site, shop and newsletter.

Kia: Small testimonial US raw site, with many links.

Soystache: Major vegan/raw promotion site.

RawFoodTalk: Supportive, popular, extensive forum for raw fooders.

RawFoodRightNow: 'The Raw Food Blog for People Who Live in the Real World'

OneLuckyDuck: Beautiful US raw site and shops run by Sarma from NY.

RawFoodMeetUp: Amazing site for connecting with others in person

LoveRaw: Living Organic Vegan Experience: recipes, store and more.

Raw4Life: New raw lifestyle site.

Raw Vegan: Well-established Canadian site, publish magazines and books.

RawFoodPlanet: Worldwide raw lifestyle directory.

LivingNutrition: Long-established raw food/Natural Hygiene magazine


Raw Food Sites based in the UK/Elsewhere: 

RawLiving: Brilliant British site and online shop from raw author Kate Wood.

RawChocs: Ext-RAW-dinary raw chocolates made in the UK.

FunkyRaw: The home of the beautiful Funky Raw tribe - shop, info and magazine.

TheRawKitchen: Raw yumsters Lara and Shell create merry raw magic.

SuraDetox: Based in Devon, UK - 7 day juice fast, twice daily colonics, meditation, yoga, massage and daily nutritional talks.

TotalRawFood: Jess Michael's gorgeous UK online raw shop.

Qito: Suki the raw colon therapist's raw blog.

RawGaia: Gorgeous handmade raw skin care from Brighton.

Hunabku: The 'Portal for the Immortal', raw superfoods, healing herbs, shamanic healing, visionary art and a host of other exciting products...

RawFoodSchool: Vibrant UK based raw lifestyle/food prep courses and info.

SUKER: The fabulously cooperative 'Superfoods UK Enterprise Ring'.

Vibrancy: Dr Gina Shaw's UK-based site for natural medicine and fasting info.

Metamorphosis: Hosts of 'Realistic Holistic Revolution' raw retreats.

RawFoodIdeas: Jeff in the UK's informative site - great raw video collection ;)

RawLifestyleCoach: Jess Michael's inspiring blog pages.

DetoxYourWorld: Shazzie's vibrant shop and info point.

Fresh Network: UK raw and living foods organisation.

SteveCharter: Steve's wonderful site for raw/permaculture info.

EnergiseYourLife: UK site with lots of raw equipment deals available.

SuzannaMarcus: Suzanna's extraordinary raw recovery story.

PureCleanse: Colon hydrotherapy, nutrition counselling, reiki and more.

SunFoodYoga: Raw food yoga retreats and workshops in southern Spain.

Other Health/Food/Vegan Sites:

SpiritualCinemaCircle: Amazing service that delivers inspiring, entertaining films to your house monthly, that you get to keep. First month free :)

HolographicBreathing: Breathworker Martin Jones' extraordinary technique for body re-alignment using a unique breathing system.  

EcoNomads: Incredible online resource library by economad travelling family.

AmazingWomenRock: Community for amazing women everywhere - connect, share stories, submit articles and find inspiration :)

OrganicFood: Inspiring online magazine for all things organic.

LivingAlchemy: Jeanette McKenzie's amazing work using transformational perception shifts. (See her article 'Our Intimate Relationship with Food').

AwakeningWithHorses: Caro Des-Rivieres' powerful work with natural horse communication. 

PassionForThePlanet: Health and environment focused online radio.

JimmyBraskett: Beautiful original music from raw vegan Jimmy, winner of the RawSpiritFest 2006 Open Mic. CDs available by donation.

PureLove: Lovely raw musician Cathie's beautiful music.

ScottSongs: Extremely funny and inspiring music, with a whole song abt liver cleansing :)

World Vegan Day: All things vegan.

Suma: British wholefood wholesale deliveries.

Survival Foods: British wholefood wholesale deliveries.

Vegan Society: British site with a wealth of vegan info.

Sprouts: Small British site with detailed sprouting info.

Vegan Forum: Vegan chat space.

Veggie Boards: Vegetarian/vegan chat, news etc.



EFT: Free, effective self-help manual on the Emotional Freedom Technique.

Hazelden: Worldwide pioneers in helping people handle addictions and transform their lives. Highly recommended literature - also retreats, counselling and gift items.

AltGuide: Alternative health and healing in the south east of England.

CoDA: Information for Co-Dependents Anonymous in the UK.

OA: The principal site for Overeaters Anonymous worldwide.

Karuna Retreats: Wonderful detox retreats in Devon, England.

OpenHand: Dedicated to helping you become your true self.

TOAST: The Obesity Awareness and Solutions Trust. UK charity.


Thyroid Sites:

Thyroid Support: British site, quality alternative advice.

Thyroid UK: Big British site with information and support.

Thyroid Info: Enormous American site.



RawGaia: Exquisite handmade raw skincare products.

Nutiva: Deliciously healthy hemp and coconut foods.

Natracare: Natural sanitary protection.

Pitrok: Natural crystal deodorant.

Weleda: Natural toiletries, healthcare products and medicine.

Lush: High street alternative.

Faith in Nature: Natural toiletries.

Persona : Makers and suppliers of 'natural' contraception.


I feel extremely blessed to have reversed my own health issues with this lifestyle. I now devote my energy to helping others learn about raw, living foods and how to heal themselves and lose weight naturally.

I devote countless hours weekly to sharing my experience, hope and research, through emails, lectures, writing books and sharing articles. I feel I have an important message to share with people and am delighted that my pictures and story help inspire so many others towards better health.

Your donation, however modest, will enable me to continue helping others. I welcome any free-will offering with great gratitude and appreciation.

Thank you. May all blessings be yours.

In love, light and health,  

Angela. xxx

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