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My name is Angela Stokes, I am 32 and I experienced recovery from morbid obesity by adopting a healthy lifestyle of raw food and natural healthcare.

BEFORE - Aug 2001

Weight: 279lbs (approx. 20st/127kg)

 AFTER - August 2008

Weight: 138lbs (approx. 9st 9lbs/62kg)

This website details my experience and provides guidance for others who are interested in the benefits of the raw lifestyle for natural weight loss. It contains honest, clear communication from someone who has personally experienced a remarkable transformation by going raw.

Visit the 'My Story' section to read more about my amazing story and see more 'before' and 'after' Pictures. The Food and Nutrition pages are packed full of ideas for what, why, when and how to eat raw. The Body section covers medicine, physical matters, clothes and natural healthcare. Philosophy contains a selection of essential tips for a stable raw lifestyle. Soul is a section on the emotional impact of going raw.

There are also FAQs, the Events Calendar, recommended Literature, the popular RawReform Forum, Recipes and further Links to support you on your personal journey of Raw Reform. In the Online Shop you can purchase my E-books and Booklets, as well as other amazing raw products. For more about arranging private Consultations with me, click here.

See the News section too for interesting updates and the archive of all RawReform Media Coverage to date. This includes a video clip of  my BBC News appearance, audio clips of radio interviews, photos of me receiving my award for research into obesity at the House of Lords,  back issues of the RawReform Newsletters and much more. 

My hope is that by sharing my personal story and insights into raw weight loss, I can help to inspire and motivate others to reclaim their health and happiness, overcoming the often devastating effects of obesity and overeating. The information offered here is a collection of my thoughts and guidance based on my own life-changing experience and research into living raw. You do not have to live with ill health, depression or low self-respect, battling against your body - by eating mainly raw foods and taking care of yourself and your environment with natural products, you can safely reclaim your health. The raw lifestyle is simple, but offers revolutionary results, if you are willing to take steps forward for your health. Being overweight or obese can seriously damage your well-being on many levels - confidence, mobility, opportunities and emotional balance for example are all affected. The information you read here is not about a fad diet, it is a complete lifestyle that transformed my life and can help you lose weight permanently.



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