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Welcome :)

My name is Angela Stokes, I am 35 and I experienced recovery from morbid obesity by adopting a healthy lifestyle of raw food and natural healthcare.

BEFORE - Aug 2001

Weight: 279lbs (approx. 20st/127kg)

 AFTER - August 2008

Weight: 138lbs (approx. 9st 9lbs/62kg)

 Explore my before/after pics, blogs, daily online TV Show and online store :)

RawReform E-Books

How to go Raw for Weight Loss - E-book
Combining practical tips on going raw with proven self-help techniques. A book packed with concise and easy to follow guidance. Learn how you too can lose weight and reclaim your health from a leading specialist in raw weight loss.

A Juice Feaster's Handbook 


The who/what/when/why/how of Juice Feasting. An indispensible guide, based on my own amazing 92-Day Juice Feasting Experience.
Juice FEASTING is a new strategy for long-term detox and cleansing.
Price: $19.95

RawReform: Recipes - E-book
This RawReform E-Book is more than an 'average' recipe book. It is a clear, practical intro for beginners on developing your own raw cuisine, starting from scratch. Contains over 150 practical, tasty, simple recipe ideas for a healthy raw lifestyle.  
Revealing the Physical Changes - E-Book
This e-book reveals the physical changes and challenges people experience when going raw. Weight loss, detox, skin issues, candida infections, deficiencies and more are all covered in this ground-breaking work. Honest and insightful guidance.  
Download the FREE "Profoundly Raw" Ebook :)

Introducing: the Profoundly Raw e-book :)

This FREE ebook contains 12 chapters, contributed by 12 well-known raw food authors, combining to offer an inspiring overview of a raw food lifestyle...
I asked 12 raw author yumsters to contribute one of their favourite chapters from one of their books for this free ebook and here is the resulting selection on offer:
Alissa Cohen on Protein, Calcium and Fats
David and Katrina Rainoshek on “Deep Food”
Angela Stokes-Monarch on Emotional Eating
David Wolfe on The Sun
Jinjee Talifero on The Yoga of Nursing
Gabriel Cousens on Vitamin B12
Kate Magic on Raw Magic
Kevin Gianni on Overcoming Potential Stumbling Blocks
Shazzie on How to Start a Child on Raw Food
Matt Monarch on Sensitivity and Stabilizing Out
Tonya Zavasta on A Perfect Bowel Movement
Paul Nison on The Daylight Diet

CLICK HERE to download YOUR free copy :)

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