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GREETINGS from sunny Baja, Mexico, where I just finished coconut water fasting for the Winter Solstice yesterday – yumMMMmmmmmmm ;)

In this month’s newsletter you can delve into the following delights:

*Get Raw Emotions for $7.77 - Inner Circle
*TheRawFoodWorld TV show
*Best of Raw 2008 Awards - vote NOW :)
*WIN a signed copy of Shazzie's New Book: Evie's Kitchen
*Philosopher’s Notes for FR@E :)
*Winner of Raw Kitchen Contest
*The '15 for 15' Sale
*Other Recommended Viewing


Get 'Raw Emotions' for just $7.77 - Join the Inner Circle - 2 DAYS LEFT

Oooooo, we’ve got a fun new play area to share with you: The ‘Inner Circle’.
Those of you who are already familiar with the work of Mr. and Mrs. Gianni may know that they have set up a lovely health community subscription site called ‘The Inner Circle’. It already has over 1000 active members and as of now, myself and the Monarch are going to be playing in there too, regularly ;) We’re going to be giving talks once a month, as well as answering questions, posting exclusive videos and possibly even whistling some of your favourite songs (if you ask nicely ;).
As an introductory offer to come and play in this shiny new sandpit, you can sign up for the quirky figure of just $7.77 (that’s abt £5 for those of you in the UK – barg-ain ;) and you will receive this raw–markable package deal:

*My entire ‘Raw Emotions’ e–Book (usually $24.95)

*An exclusive ‘Raw Emotions’ audio download – this will be the first full inter-view I’ve given on the subject of Raw Food and Emotions.

*30–day Trial Membership to the Inner Circle service, including community support, weekly talks, videos, Q and A sessions, download library of inter-views and transcripts with yumsters such as Victoria Boutenko, David Wolfe, Mike Adams and so on...

SO, you get all that for just $7.77, plus on TOP of that, if you stick around to play some more after the first 30 day trial, you’ll get @ccess to an ONGOING 12% discount coupon at Mr. M’s raw food superstore, TheRawFoodWorld.com.
That coupon will ALWAYS work, meaning that you will get 12% off ALL purchases forevermore, if you stick around ;) The monthly membership fee for the Inner Circle service is just $9.97 a month, which could easily pay for itself with the savings you’d enjoy at TheRawFoodWorld. Sounds like a pretty mighty deal, right? ;) LOL...love it...
SO, if you’d like to check out this amazing offer, just CLICK HERE; if nothing else, you could get a copy of ‘Raw Emotions’ for $7.77 – barg@in, right? ;)
This intro offer is scheduled to end soon, on Wednesday the 24th, so act now if you wanna play – click HERE and ENJOY :)


TheRawFoodWorld TV Show

Alright, get ready for some raw ENTERTAINMENT ;) The Monarch and I have decided to start sharing a lot more videos of our raw adventures, in response to numerous requests...so, may we introduce: TheRawFoodWorld.TV ;)
Yesterday Mr. M filmed a little vid with his mum in California. I watched it today at lunch and laughed so much I accidentally sprayed the kale chips I was eating all over my 'puter ;) You can see that video HERE.
We intend to post new videos regularly and would LOVE to hear your feedback, thoughts, suggestions and questions...email us at This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it . For now, click HERE to check out our latest vids...
We love you :)


'Best of Raw' Awards 2008

OOOOOOoooOooooo, very EX-CI-TING – VOTING is now OPEN for the ‘Best of Raw 2008’ Awards...who and what will you be expressing some gratitude for...? I voted already on their site HERE – it’s fun to see ALLLLLL the many choices there are to vote for – what an ABUNDANT, flowing, creative community this is :)
Voting is open until New Year’s Eve, when the ‘winners’ will be announced and there are many yummy giveaway priz@s on offer, such as books, raw snack foods, event passes, even raw toothpaste ;)

So, hop on over HERE now to cast YOUR vote and…ENJOY :)


Win a SIGNED Copy of Shazzie's New Book: Evie's Kitchen

I am little bit over-excited to say that we now have British Raw-Queen Shazzie's gorgeous new raw kiddies book - 'Evie's Kitchen' - in the RawReform Store :) We are currently the exclusive sellers of this title in N. America, I do believe and we're VERY proud to have it available. Before coming out to Mexico, I spent some time with Shazzle-Dazzle in the UK and the amount of info this woman has to share on raising children raw is PHENOMENAL. I am so excited to see the book 'in person' tomorrow when Mr. M brings me a copy to Mexico - and I'll do a 'proper' review soon on my blog.
As for now, YOU, my dear could get your mittens on your very own FR@E signed copy of this invaluable volume, with this month's Pr-ize Giveaway. It will be signed by both the Shazzler and Miss Evie, her divine little lovebucket daughter (aged 4) ;)
SO...to be in with a ch@nce of winning, please send in your A to the following Q:

What's your BEST suggestion/recipe for helping children to eat healthier food?

Please send your uber-licious answers to This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it and one winner will be picked at random and with much jubilation sometime in the early new year. YUMMY :)


Philosopher's Notes FR-E-E Subscriptions

Brian Johnson is still on his mammoth mission to give away a MILLION fr@e subscriptions to his inspiring site before the end of the year – you can claim yours HERE if you haven't already and spread the love to whomsoever else you'd like...
Enjoy those downloads...I LOVE this service :) (Thanks again for the outlandish philanthropy, Brian :)


WINNER of the Raw Kitchen Design Contest

I am DELIGHTED to announce Vera Le Doux as the winner of last month's contest to design the *ul-ti-mate* raw food kitchen. Vera clearly put a LOT of love, thought and intention into her design, which you can see in the picture here and read about in the description below.
THANKS Vera, for sharing your ideas and thanks indeed to all of you who sent your designs in.
Vera's yummy pr-ize is winging its way to her right now, just in time for the Holidays ;) ENJOY :)
...and may your OWN kitchen be brimming with yummy raw delights this yuletide...

Vera's explanation of her design:

"In my design we have a large pantry utilizing the left corner space. From here we move clockwise, to the refrigerator. When you remove produce from the fridge the counter on the right is conveniently located for assembling ingredients. Continuing in the clockwork motion we move to the sink for washing the produce. From here we move to the prep area.
The dehydrator is in the corner. I am showing an optional dehydrator location in the storage on the left of the computer station, which takes care of the mu-sic, a must in the raw food kitchen! The benefit of an enclosed dehydrator is the reduction of noise. If your kitchen is open to dining ro0m or living ro0m, you would surely be annoyed by its 24/7 hum. I have checked with Excalibur (dehydrator company) and it is fine to have the dehydrator in the closet so long as you provide enough space around and above it for ventilation.
On the right of the prep area is another sink. This one is specifically for sprouting and growing wheat grass, etc. On the left of the sink is dish rack with sprouting jars. On the right, in front of a tall window, is a tall stand with shelves, where you can place all your trays for maximum sun exposure. This sink has a spray, which will make it convenient to water all the greenery right where it is. One day I will design a screen/strainer plug, that would allow you to rinse the sprouts without clogging your pipes with sprouts and seeds.
Ideally this sink will drain right into your gar-den instead of the sewer. In the middle of the kitchen is kitchen isl@nd with bulk food storage below. This design not only makes a raw food prep easy and convenient, it is an ideal situation for teaching raw food classes in your home"


The '15 for 15' Sale

This sale is currently still on at the RawReform Store, where you can get 15 of our yummiest items at 15% off – click HERE to see what’s on offer, including SPROUTEIN powder - one of my absolute FAVOURITE new products - here's an excerpt of the review I did of it recently on my blog:

"I feel this product really deserves an award – it’s SOOOO tasty and SOOOOO nutritious too – it’s a blend of freshly freeze–dried SPROUT powders with h-e-m-p powder, maca AND some yummy sweet things like yacon and lucuma powders too. It is INGENIOUS :) I love it and have been eating it by the spoonful straight from the tub every day since getting hold of it ;) The packaging’s beautiful, there’s so much LOVE in there, it’s easy to eat, it’s just BRILLIANT :) I think this could easily win my ‘favourite new raw product of 2008’ award in fact...YUUMMMMM..."

You can grab some Sproutein at 15% off in the sale HERE - MMMmMmMMMmmm :)


Other Recommended Viewing

Aside from being supremely excited about our OWN new video exploits over at TheRawFoodWorld.TV, here are two other wonderfully inspiring viewing resources we've enjoyed this last month:

*On Ted.com, see school lunch chef Ann Cooper, from California. WOW – this woman is AMAZING :) She is PASSSssSssSSsSssionate about feeding kids healthy food and she is making a HUGE impact on the way schools feed children in the Berkeley area. She has brought in salad bars, ‘real cooking’, organic growing, composting, local food sourcing and so much more to the schools she works in...she has SO much info to share in this video – I’d really recommend it...it might not be an all–raw menu ;) – it is a MAJOR improvement though on what most kids seem to eat...
You can see the 20–minute video HERE.

*Andrew Michell on GoogleVids.
Andrew was imprisoned in solitary confinement at the age of 16 in the US, for a trail of crimes he’d committed ranging from thefts to vandalism to burglaries to kidnappings. He was in solitary confinement for 2 YEARS and then continued to pass another 8 years after that in prison. During all that time in prison, he did everything he could in the way of ‘self–development’, including fasting, courses, reading, praying etc. In fact, he states that those 2 years in solitary confinement were the BEST 2 years of his life, as he learnt SO much.
Now he's spreading his message of AMAZING recovery from his vi0lent, criminal, painful, destructive past into a life of raw food, self–discovery and PASSION to share this message.
I found his presentation on Google Vids very endearing – he clearly has SO much genuine drive and desire to share this info. It seems he put a lot of love, energy and work into this. There are 3 parts to his presentation and it comes to around 49 minutes or so in length. I have a LOT of enthusiasm for getting raw foods into prison systems and Andrew's story inspires me greatly on that mission ;)
Check out Andrew’s videos here:

Part 1: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-7355688049763149472&hl=en

Part 2: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-6977856949224265303&hl=en

Part 3: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-7136582618064145495&hl=en


HAPPY HOLIDAYS beautiful people...may your days be merry and bright and may all your raw dishes delight ;)
All love,
Angela. x x x

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