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My latest book, 'Raw Emotions', is a handbook for re-structuring our emotional relationships with food, based on a raw food lifestyle and self-development techniques.


You can get the e-book version of Raw Emotions HERE and the printed version is coming soon HERE.

$1 from the sale of each printed version of this book goes to charities that either protect native forests or plant new trees.

**You can download for FREE, two pages of beautiful, uplifting, inspiring affirmations from the pages of Raw Emotions HERE, to print out and decorate your space with :)**

Click Here for an Excerpt from Raw Emotions

Here are some of the things people have been saying about Raw Emotions:

"I have read your new e-book Raw Emotions, I have to say that it is the best raw food book I have ever read so far (and I have read many :), you have done such an amazing work and I could totally relate on everything you have gone through. Very, very good job! Thanks you so much for it!" Sara

"I've started reading raw emotions, and it is truly a blessing. Reading it gave me new insight into my situation, and the courage to think about leaving an emotionally toxic relationship I have in my life (one with a person) and an equally abusive relationship that I have by punishing myself with food. Thanks Angela! Although the focus of your book isn't toxic people, the healthy, loving ideas in it give readers the tools and the confidence to reclaim their lives from toxic people, abusers, and addictions."
Anonymous comment left on the RawReform blog

"I purchased Angela Stokes Raw Emotions today, and it will be my trusted companion for the rest of this journey. I know this is my key to moving forward in the face of an amazing upwell of emotional detox. This book inspired me to break out my highlighter by page 10, the back of page 18 has a poem that I will keep to myself written on it, and by page 21 I was truly connecting to the heart of where I am right now."
Kristi. (

"I'm going through raw emotions as well, and it's definitely THE most thorough book I've ever encountered in tackling the psychological traps that keep people overweight and unhealthy. The great thing about the book is that I think a lot of it is totally universal in that the principles can be applied to understand and improve ANY less than optimal facet of life, not just our weight and overeating. For instance, I get how people can use it to overcome a lot of modern maladies such as : abuse, bad relationships (like the last poster), depression, procrastination, nihilism, etc.. Other things I appreciate are the lovely, colourful layout and the the warm tone of the book - it never feels judgemental, it feels like a friend."
Anonymous comment left on the RawReform blog

"I realize more and more how emotionally connected to food I actually am. Especially after starting to read Angela Stokes' Raw Emotions, I am becoming increasingly more aware of how I have used food as an emotional crutch, filler, and numbing agent."
Linda (

"THANK YOU for "Raw Emotions"!! As others have already mentioned, this couldn't have come at a better time for me as, despite embracing raw food wholeheartedly, I've been struggling with the emotional side of things after so many years of food having been my best friend/worst enemy. It has your characteristic warmth and intelligence on every page, and has so obviously been created with a lot of love. I'm reading it slowly so as to relish what is already proving to be such a great source of comfort and strength as I tread my path away from the darkness and into the light! Congratulations and Thank you!"
~Kaye xx


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